The Carbide Motion log

Is there any reason the log facility in CM can’t be on permanently?

There have been several, apparently ‘random’, issues - self-induced or programmatic - that can’t always be replicated, where a copy of the log would be useful.

It could either be ‘hot’, and available only during the current ‘session’ of CM and lost when the program is closed, or saved at the end of each session - perhaps with a limit of, say, the last five sessions?

I think this would help diagnose ‘random’ or ‘self-induced’ issues much more easily.



In the past when folks have left it open it’s been a major performance hit — no idea on current versions — that would be something for the developers to address.

Really? That is surprising for what the program actually does. Let’s hope the latest versions are much less resource intensive.

…and exactly the reason I put it in here!

Thanks, @WillAdams

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