The CM rapid movement points - do these align with X/Y datum positions?

Hello… you are all going to get to know me. lol. I am just full of questions and comments/ideas and I like to use forums to get and maybe one day, give answers.

The latest question I have concerns the RAPID JOG POSITIONS in CM - I programmed a job in Vcarve and loaded the file up in CM. The XY datum point was set to CENTER in Vcarve. I ASS-U-MEd that by jogging to the center of the machine - via the RAPID MOVEMENT button would place me dead center on the machines max cutting area so I could run some guide lines down both the X/Y center. One the Y, the center was not right ( from what I was expecting to see ) and I set the RAPID POSITION Center to my Machine ZERO point.

Was that a mistake on my part or is that really CENTER and is something else wrong with the way I laid something out possibly? Now that I am sitting here running this through my brain ( which is not an analytical type hunk of grey matter - it’s more abstract and artistic ) I am thinking that I probably did make an error assuming that. I’ll wait to see what someone says before I beat myself up too much.

Cheers… it’s happy hour :slight_smile:

The rapid movement points are mostly a matter of convenience — one can register fixtures to them (I do), but back–front they don’t perfectly align with the physical table except possibly for the rear ones. The middle and front positions seem to be aligned to the physical table area.

In CM3 it is possible to adjust the table size in Grbl and CM3 to control where these points are — I did that for mine, but lost that when I upgraded to CM4 — fortuitously the placements in CM4 matched up pretty closely to what I was using.

Ok… so then that leads me to think that what I should be doing is measuring whatever I am getting ready to mill and LOCATE the CENTER or other point on that board relative to where I want that point to match up with my file X/Y datum point… that is sorta what I figured after I typed that out… sometimes I realize things as I am questioning something :wink:

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