The cutting footprint if way off

When I start a job it should begin in the center and work it’s way around but instead it begins at the edge of the x axis and binds.

Please describe how you set zero for your machine and post your project file. You may have a mismatch of zero position definitions between the machine and the project.

I set zero the same way all the time, front left with the bit zero

Hampton (37.2 KB)

This is just a resurfacing job BTW

Your path shows the zero at the left center


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I did it at the front left corner, what am I doing wrong?

It actually did the same thing to me yesterday so I uninstalled both CB Motion and Create

Does your toolpath look like this?


If so, change the Toolpath Zero to Lower-Left (Design, Job Setup)



How in the heck did I miss that, thank you so much for your help. Its perfect now. You rock Tod!!

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