The Most Common Mistakes With Beginners on the Shapeoko 3

The Most Common Mistakes With Beginner CNC Machines // Shapeoko 3


double thumbs up, this will be incredibly helpful to newbies, it should be included C3Dā€™s getting started tutorials.

Excellent video, it should ensure people better understand how a Shapeoko works and answers basic questions. I agree that it would be one of the first thing that newbies should look at when they are having issues.

Just a couple of comments, maybe for a future video. When you mention certain screens in both Carbide Create and Carbide Motion, it would have been useful to just switched from the whiteboard to a picture of the page/menu you are referring to for a couple of seconds. While I followed what you we saying, it would remove some potential confusion for visual people not familiar with the software. I would have quickly shown how to tighten the belts correctly and how to adjust the wheels with the V-Wheels. Showing how to ground the vacuum hose could have been useful too. I have also grounded the frame of my Shapeoko to ensure that the static has an outlet to discharge. Finally, Carbide Motion also opens .gcode (maybe others) files if you create them on another design program like VCarve, I think that only Carbide Create uses .nc files for gcode.

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