The mother off all mills for aluminium milling (Nomad)


I tested another high end mill and want to share the fantastic results. The geometry is specially designed to lower the cutting force and I gave it a try. I can do DOC of 3mm and stepover of 1,4mm without any chatter on the Nomad. Here are the facts

Diameter: 3mm
Shaft: 6mm
Coating: DLC (Diamond Like Coating)
Flutes: 3

10000 rpm
stepover: 1,4 mm
DOC: 3 mm
Stickout: 30mm (incl. the 5mm shaft which does not hurt)

Cooling: Low tech air cooling (Fish tank pump), no fluid
Material: AlMgSi 0,5 (6060)

It was just amazing to see, that the cutter really cuts the material like butter. Here are a few pics.

—> A picture of the mill. I generally found out, that a thick shaft increases the performance and offsets the low torque of the Nomad (Physics: Mass that already turns wants to keep turning…and the shaft is a massive increase of mass…)

This is a pocket made with the F&S mentioned above. This is the result of roughing.

Take a look at the chips…quite “massive” for the Nomad :wink:

Short clip of the milling procedure:

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Neat, but youtube is saying the video is unavailable.

Fixit please.

Thanks for the hint…fixed, sorry :wink:

Do you have a link to a place where we can order one if we would like?


I wonder how that would perform on brass…äser/VHM-Fräser-MTC-DLC/p/202270-3

It’s a European Company, don’t know if they deliver to the US, but here is the link


Found the same thing here for 1/3rd the price:|dc&pcrid=164128486730&rd=k&product_id=55465009&gclid=CjwKCAjwo4jOBRBmEiwABWNaMXjHJPKuvdBABaMRrYbBo3DZeyAw53g2b6mOd3gd1ydFJQTfaMbaURoCz8MQAvD_BwE

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Except the missing DLC coating :wink:


To be fair, the coatings wear off after the first few minutes…When I was a machinist, we’d get those coated endmills, and they would wear out faster then the uncoated, because they coat the cheaper endmills.

I would suggest you have a serious conversation with your supplier if this is the case :wink:



Just finished the part and wanted to share a short clip about the project.

Durability of the mill was great, did the entire roughing with one mill (~5 hours). Coating started to wear down after around 3 hours, but F&S were unchanged until the end with no problems.