The Triquetra Question That Won't Go Away

(Jeffrey K Dale) #1

Interested in upgrading to Motion 4 if it will run the Triquetra gcode for probing X Y and Z.

It works in UGS, SourceRabbit and pretty much every other sender. I’m not trying to run the probe in place of the carbide probe with whatever fancy settings there are for that. I really like the motion software vs. these others and I would use it for everything if can do this. Thanks in advance!

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(Patricio Suarez) #2

The Triquetra does not work with Carbide Motion. If you want Carbide Motion and a touch probe in your workflow then the Carbide3D Touch Probe is your only choice at the moment.

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(William Adams) #3

The Triquetra probe doesn’t work with the automatic Probe usage in Carbide Motion, but it does work with the machine once correctly plugged in — one just has to either do the probing manually using the MDI (the Triquetra folks should provide instructions for that) or I believe that you could use an automatic probing command in CM, but then adjust the set zero by the difference in dimension between the two probes (that’s untested and unsupported).

Hopefully the Probe will be back in stock real-soon-now (next week or so was the last schedule I heard).

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(greg) #4

The Triquetra works
here is a video


(Dan Nelson) #5

Yep it works. Charley has also added a couple cool additions since we made this video, like finding center of a circle, normal/expert modes, etc…