The Tuneup Is Realll (SO5 X Axis Not Moving - Solved)

Here to share a tale of overcoming adversity. CNC machines are fairly complicated, and of course we want them to work perfectly all the time. It’s guaranteed frustrating when they don’t. Tried to use my SO5 this weekend, and knew right away something was wrong. The x axis never made it all the way over to the right to home. The Y axis homed, but the x motor just kept spinning forever, going nowhere. Turned power on/off a couple times but same thing. Could move the x axis all the way over by hand, so didn’t think it was an obstruction on the rails. The x motor was turning, but the ball screw was not. Anyway, I had to build a fence (outside) so had no time to troubleshoot the machine and was bumming about what it could be. Kept popping back in to look at it, and later after some head scratching and a couple beers, I tightened up the little hex bolts on the coupler between the motor and the ball screw, which were definitely loose. That worked like a charm and everything is normal again. Disaster averted.


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