Thermal "goo" suggestions for replacement CM board on SO3

Carbide3D sent me a new CM controller board (v2.3) to replace my v2.1 board that they suspect is causing the infamous disconnect issues. The interesting bit is that it came with a giant capacitor pre-installed on the board - as has been discussed as a DIY fix elsewhere on the support forums. It LOOKS odd given that everything else is a surface mount component…

Anyhow, when I removed the v2.1 board most of the white thermally conductive grease (?) remained on the PCB with a small amount left on the aluminum heatsink the board attaches to. My question is two-fold: is the residual goo/paste/grease on the heatsink sufficient to provide the thermal bond required for the new board or do I need to add more? If the latter, can folks suggest products that I can easily purchase locally for this specific purpose?

Part numbers, links, etc appreciated. I want to make sure I get the right stuff and not just “guess” and end up with something corrosive that eats my PCB or is incompatible with aluminum or is ELECTRICALLY conductive and shorts out everything…my paranoia regarding potential catastrophic scenarios is probably excessive…I know. I’m sure someone here or at Carbide support can quickly point me in the right direction. I’ll email Carbide if I must, but I seem to get a turnaround ranging from a day or two to sometimes over a week…

Thanks in advance.


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Link to:

Which states:

We use Arctic Silver
Any PC cooling stuff should work though. I would recommend cleaning the heatsink if you’re applying new paste, alcohol will take it right off.

I’m on my third board. I use ArctiClear remover, then Arcticlear surface purifier to prepare the surface. Then apply Arctic Silver 5.

Actually one can research the different ways to apply thermal paste if you want to gain more thermal transfer. You can find some heated arguments on this. I just slap the goo on the back of the board and screw it into place. Get the screws started, while holding the board away from the heatsink. Then screw tight.

Thanks, guys. I was doing some errands earlier and ran across some Thermaltake TG-7 ( at a local store. I’m wondering if this would be appropriate to use for this application or if should just source the Arctic Silver products online?

Thermaltake will work, and as for cleaning the residue off the heatsync just some rubbing alcohol (or IPA) will clean it up nicely

Perfect. Thanks, Nick. I have some 91% isopropyl alcohol…so I believe I’m good to go.

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Forget the TIM,ditch the kapton tape and use a thermal pad instead. I use a .5mm pad myself as Kapton tape is a thermal insulator.

If you are looking at the best performing pastes then go for Gelid GC extreme or Kryonaut,as long as it non conductive/non capacative paste then you are good.