Thicknessers and/or planers

I do not have a Makita…can only wish for things that nice.

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Arrgghhh! I’d just about decided on getting a jointer, then watched the video, and now think I need a planer - maybe!

I added the Triton TSPL512 into my basket at FFX, went to get my payment card, and the price went up by £30. Thieving swines!

Deleted it from my basket.

The Queen needs her cut…

It took 20 minutes for them to increase the cost!

The Queen gets her 20% anyway :smile:

It’s 3 days to BF, but I’m so tempted to buy it now, in case it goes up again. But then it could go down!

What? Me? Prevaricate? Never!

Yeah, that sort of thing is why I’ve been trying hard to limit purchases where there’s any financial pain to companies which I believe in — Lee Valley gets pretty regular orders from me, wish there were more companies like to it:


I’d like to think we have the same principles in the UK, but I highly doubt it.

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There’s a bit on the UK in the article:

Canada’s CEO-to-average-worker pay ratio is 206-to-one, the labour federation calculates using OECD data – higher than 147 in Germany, 93 in Australia, 84 in the U.K. and 67 in Japan.

We’re not doing too badly, then :smile:

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So, I went to look at eBay and was horrified that FFX are selling them for even more (£266.50) BUT, they’re offering a 20% discount voucher, so I got one for £219!

Woo hoo for me :crazy_face:


There are many “jack up the price” scams being automatically run on “e-commerce” sites;

  • Going back to a store using the same machine / browser - “they must want it, put the price up” Most airlines rip you off like this for tickets
  • Pretending to have “low stock, must buy now!!!” - well
  • Checking the ZIP code from IP address lookup “lives in expensive area, can afford to pay” - use a VPN
  • Checking the user agent of the browser “Uses an Apple, must be a fool who overpays for shiny things” (So my Firefox on Mac says it’s Internet Destroyer on Windows)
  • Accessing from a phone “Impulse buyer”



OK, so here’s the result:

I decided on the Triton TPT125 thicknesser and the TSPL152 surface planer!

It took some negotiations with the management, but I’m out of the market for a PS5 until next year!

Oh well :sob:


My Makita does snipe every now and then but as @Swartw1 says, it depends on the length/weight of the board and therefore the moment it generates about the outfeed support, forcing that last precious inch or two up further into the blade.

Specifics, if I put a 750mm board at 250mm width at around 30mm depth through I’ll have no issues. If I’m thicknessing long 2m boards at the same width/depth it’s potentially an issue…

The Makita calls itself portable (and it is to a degree) but bolting the thing down to something really solid makes a reasonable difference to the likelihood of it sniping, assuming you support boards well manually.


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