Thinking about the change

…but not that change…!

So, I have an XXL which has, for reasons I don’t need to go in to, limited space on it’s right hand side where the control board is mounted towards the rear, as I’m looking at it.

I have asked about this before and thought to change everything by mounting it on the wall to the front of the machine (still on it’s right side) and extending the wires, but I don’t really like the idea.

I’m going to have to disassemble the control board anyway (replacement en-route), so what if I where to rotate Y1 front to back, so the mounting holes for the control board box are at the front, and install it there?

I watched Chris Powell’s video on his monster upgrade and saw that removing the X extrusion actually looks quite easy, using his method of removing it’s bottom V-wheels, without the kerfuffle of disconnecting everything else, although I appreciate a ‘tramming’ session will be in order afterwards.

Just one question: My XXL arrived in September 2020, but I seem to recall reading somewhere that there are grubscrews in the off-set mounts for the V-wheels, to stop them coming loose and will need to be loosened before trying to remove them. Is this the case, please?

Thank you

I am not aware of any grub screws on any V-wheels on any variant of the SO3.

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What a good idea - and so much easier! WTH didn’t I think of that?

I suppose the Y rail isn’t a heat sink for the board enclosure, so that would work better and I wouldn’t need to tram it.

Thanks, Jepho!

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Too true, although I seem to be in the habit of making life difficult for myself :thinking: !

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