Thinking of upgrading my xl to an xxl

What’s the cost? And any xxl owners want to trade?

Carbide 3D just added XL -> XXL expansion packs / upgrade kits to the store:

XL -> XXL is $499.

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How much to go to an xxxl? Is there any plans to adapt to even larger sizes?

Everyone was rather surprised when the XL and XXL were announced and they were as “small” as they are — the expectation / hope was that we’d get at least 4’ on one axis.

I’m hoping that we’ll eventually see a pair of additional machines (my suggested names are HS for one able to cut 4’ x 4’ panels, and FS for a machine able to cut full 4’ x 8’ sheets of plywood) — of course, one would be able to mix and match parts to get say a machine only 16" deep, but a full 8’ wide, at least, that’s what I’ve been hoping for for a long while now.

I have no inside knowledge on this, and this is nothing but idle, baseless speculation on my part.

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I would love to have something like your fabled ‘FS,’ Will. In fact, my plan has always been to use my XXL to make the parts necessary for a larger machine like that. Someday, someday. In the meantime, the XXL already has an impressive build volume.

Shopbot and a couple of other companies do 4x8 machines — none of them have our cachet or friendly atmosphere however, and there was also the Kikori, and opensource machine for which I believe there are still plans available.

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Agreed. I was rather hoping for a 1/4 sheet machine (24"x48") so I could tile-cut full 4x8 sheet materials.

Got the xxl instead hoping to expand the gantry someday…

I agree! 1/4 sheet would be really useful.

Well, one can tile a 4x8 sheet of plywood — just have to get an XXL and do it in sixths — and an XL would do it in twelfths (which seems like an exercise in tedium ).

Technically, but only if you cut the sheet up first! I was referring to taking a solid sheet and passing it through in multiple stages to cut the full design with no seams.

Good point, I got carried away a bit.

Yeah, I’m surprised no one has done an open-bottom Shapeoko 3, or XL, or XXL — if I didn’t need to be able to move mine around, building a table to allow that would be somewhere on my to-do-stack.

I’d love to upgrade to a XL.

If you end up selling your XL parts, I’d be keen.