THird Deep Dive into the Wateboard... HELP

Third Deep Dive into the wasteboard… Getting frustrating… This time I used Pause and then stop. Which kinda gets the machine into locked-up mode. The only way out is to click MDI. It then does its thing and then I can jog again. Returned to my zero point. X & Y are spot on. Z reads 14.1 Guessing it is not zeroing Z correctly or losing steps or ??? Time to call customer service…


What machine do you have, and how is it outfitted? (BitZero? BitSetter? Router?)

Pro XXL 2 weeks in service. Bit setter, Carbide Compact Router

Have you zero’d the bit on the wasteboard? center the bit on a flat spot of MDF, bring the bit close to the surface and slide a piece of paper underneath. Keep lowering (using a small increment) until the paper can no longer move under the bit (If using inches, i usually get close to the bit touching with .01 then go down to .001 to dial in the exact zero). when the paper is caught under the bit, you wont be able to move it, then go into set zero and set that as your Z axis zero.

After doing this, ensure your CAM is using the bottom face of stock as the zero point, not the top.