This is suspect

During assembly I noticed this.

It’s the z axis limit switch connector. We will see.

Noticed the drag chain side of the connecter is opposite too, so it will probably be OK. “How you do me this kind?” Lol. My ocd…

You will need to temporarily reverse any wiring connectors which don’t match up EDIT: so as to result in a straight-through connection.

Let us know about this at and we will get a correct set of wiring extensions out to you as quickly as we can.

Had the same issue. Both ends were backwards so it is fine.

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Late night, tired: It’s fine because it’s an extension. Thank you!

I had the same thing. It was the only cable that was off. Initially I was concerned and then I realized that what was swapped was unswapped in the end.

I don’t have one of these newer machines, so this is just a guess, but if the cable was flipped end for end would the wires line up correctly?

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I do not have a newer machine either, but that would work if the connectors are the same type(gender) in both ends of the cable.

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