Thoughts on calibration

Tried a slightly different calibration technique recently — instead of mill full-fledge pockets, just spot-drilled some circles using a V carve toolpath using a V endmill which was more obtuse than the tips of my calipers — then I measured using the calipers into the indentations — seemed easier and less fussy than trying to measure edge-to-edge of a pocket.

Next try is to mill a pocket for the Probe to sit in, then place the Probe in it, then Probe each edge/surface — since you can only do one edge of X and Y, I was thinking that I could clamp a an precision square to the Probe for the X and Y and then probe that edge — just have to source a suitable square — Alternately, just look up the correct code to probe from the other direction. Any suggestions?

Alternately, for folks using comm/control programs other than CM — could one work up a macro which would probe the 4 sides of the Probe to calibrate for X and Y?

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