Thoughts on using CNC machine to "handwrite" repeatedly?

Good catch, Will. A very restrictive approach to the use of a mailbox used (and purchased?) by the owner of an address.

Even if you put lipstick on a pig, you still get the oink.

PS. Chris, as far as I’ve seen on this forum, you’re a great CNC person! :smiley:

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I’m in Canada, not planning on doing to full page flyers but appreciate the heads up there maybe some legality issues. I know door hangers are ok.

I’m very skilled in making aesthetic designs. My point is that something looking good is meaningless if your marketing is badly done. A lot of designs don’t even have a strong call to action.

I don’t get your parachute analogy. Direct marketing is a game of trying to get a high ROI. If I spend $200 on 500 door hangers and spend 2 hours distributing, then get 5 sales from that ($500 each sale) whether or not that’s worth it all comes down to the numbers. Time investment, money invested etc. 1% conversion might make a person rich or put them into debt.

I don’t get “what if I don’t need it”. Every single home I’ll be targeting needs the product and is upper middle class with lots of disposable income. People like that gladly trade time and effort for money. I’m selling them a solution / upgrade that makes their life easier and better. If they don’t want it simply say no at the door or throw the door hanger away. I’m not interested in pressing people or trying to force them to buy. I just present the problem, present the solution and whatever happens, happens.

Can you tell me a form of marketing which isn’t an intrusion?

So you’re generally against all sales and marketing as a whole? That’s what drives economy. I’m curious about your mentality. How does one make money as a company without marketing, and what forms of marketing are acceptable?

I’m definitely not amazing on the CNC yet. I’d rate my skills at 4/10. Enough to scrape by and make some nice things. A lot of you guys are levels beyond where I’m at.

Agreed! The education hanger is an example of badly done.

I was illustrating that <1% is a lamentably poor hit rate. Marketing experts would possibly want to chase that number. It was interesting to note that the marketing experts at Budweiser recently squandered their own market share by getting it totally wrong.


It seems to me that you are on the way to becoming a multi-billionaire. I wish you good fortune.

In the UK, the notion of marketing is not alien but in a store, I do not want a sales assistant ingratiating themselves and constantly badgering me and disturbing me while I examine the merchandise. I will seek assistance if I want it. Mostly, as a male, I know what I want. I do my research and due diligence and I buy online.

I NEVER buy anything at the door, especially where one may become flustered, feel weak-willed, feel trapped or compelled to buy or be poorly researched. It requires far longer to build up a relationship based upon trust than in the ten minutes when you meet a person for the first time on their doorstep.

Having disposable income does not remove the ability to consider things carefully

I spent 30+ years selling and marketing my products through various channels and local outlets, but I never once trespassed on other’s property to do it.

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You’re from Texas. One of the best states in the USA for sure. You guys are a bit hyper sensitive about “trespass”, just my 2c. Canadian middle class suburban people generally don’t care unless you trespass with bad intent or if you act like a pushy annoying person who refuses to leave.

Genuinely glad to hear you had over 30 years of success selling your products. It’s a great idea to rent a booth at a homeowners show. I need something systematized and repeatable on a daily basis though.

How did you find out about that UK based store you visited? Which form of intrusive marketing? Did they send you a flyer? TV commercial? Radio ad? Internet ad? Or maybe they don’t advertise at all (those businesses are pretty much non-existent). Why would you assume a salesman would harass you instead of genuinely offer to help you?

Mega corporations like Budweiser typically focus all their marketing budget on branding and not direct response marketing which is what I’m doing.

In regards to me being on my way to becoming a billionaire, it seems the conversation is slipping on your end. Backhanded compliment / passive-aggressive. I get you don’t like direct response marketing, I’ll opt-out from further discussion. It’s non-productive.

I’ll keep my posts here strictly CNC related going forward.

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