Threaded Aluminum Table Sold Out


The threaded aluminum table for Shapeoko has shown as sold out since I bought my XXL:

Does anyone know if/when these will become available again? Would love to upgrade my XXL with this if possible! If no plans are made to make this available, anyone know if the vector file for it is available anywhere for me to try and take to a local metal shop to have made?


Please write in to and we’ll do our best to let you know what we can.

You might want to wait to see if they release the pro bed for the original xxl and make threaded aluminum inserts to replace the MDF as this would be the best bed upgrade.

As stoked as I am about the new T-track on the Pro, I will note that a monolithic piece of metal has certain advantages over multiple pieces bolted together — that said, I suspect that economics may win out.

This is something which @edwardrford or @Luke would have to speak to though.

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I agree but making a 1/2" bed that size is one thing, keeping it perfectly flat from the machine shop to the end user I imagine is quite difficult. It would probably need to be a 3/4" plate to stand a chance or be bolted between 2 sheets of braced plywood.

I do like that 4" bar stock is easy to source and ship. Plus it wouldn’t be as painful should one run an end mill deeper then expected and gouge the bed.

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I actually looked in to 1/2" thick aluminum. Can get a sheet for $242, but then need to figure out how to machine it. I would rather have a solid piece holding everything together than segments. Not too terribly concerned about leveling, as I would want it strictly for stability of the machine, and use it to hold down my MDF wasteboard. I do exclusively woodworking, and when I surface level my MDF wasteboard, even if the machine is off a bit, it isn’t a big deal.

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I’d just clamp the MDF baseplate to the alu. and use it as a template to drill the holes with a suitable drill, then use a larger to make the needful countersinks.

I got the holes water cutted 0,2mm undersized, drilled them larger an threaded them.

Worked like a charm


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