Threaded Inserts Confusion

I ordered the metric threaded inserts to make a threaded wasteboard, but I just went to test the screws that came with the metal threaded table and the ones that came with the tiger clamps and they do not fit. The listing says these should be M6 so I bought the metric inserts. Do the metal threaded table/tiger clamps now come with imperial hardware and holes? Thanks!

This is one of the few troubles I had a year ago when setting up my machine. M6 are similar to 1/4-20 but not the same. So I have both lingering around and have found ways around the issue.

But know that it is not an error on your part.

Thank you for the reply! So ordering the imperial set won’t let me use the screws that came with the clamps and table either?

I would find a known 1/4-20 bolt, and see if it fits. Maybe they sent the wrong ones…


Thank you, I just tried a camera tripod plate screw and it fits perfectly, looks like maybe they sent imperial when the bag says metric.

Let us know about this at and we will get it worked out.

Ok will do thanks :slight_smile:

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