Thrust(?) issues with Dewalt 611 Bearings, maybe?!?!

Has anyone else noticed a measurable amount of give (vertically) in the motor/collet asembly of their Dewalt 611? I have two and BOTH will allow the endmill to move just a smidge up and down if i grab the shank of a bit and try to push up and down along the z-axis. The z carriage is not moving in any way, nor is the router moving in its mount. It is completely isolated to the collet and bit in relation to the router body. I guess i can forget about it as soon as i upgrade to a real spindle…

There is supposed to be a small threaded spacer above your collet nut I believe. Is yours there?

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just noticed it for the first time on the one that isnt installed on my machine. Gonna fiddle with it and see what happens. THANKS!!!

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Can you take some pictures of the insert?

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