TightCNC code sender

Has anyone tried or seen this project yet? https://github.com/crispy1989/tightcnc?fbclid=IwAR27lnkOj89cr8cpsrFCwB5IpXpUAjYcTdkLVoM21nRo5FJbpxvjl-a5SAA#consoleui-usage
It’s still pretty early in, but it seems to have some pretty cool features so far.
Its features include:

  • Support for arbitrary axes
  • Autoleveling using a surface probe, with a few special features
  • Failed/interrupted job recovery, as in the case of a power outage
  • Plugin system allowing external extensions
  • A powerful macro system using javascript, capable of interacting with both the controller and user (via the ui) in real time
  • A framework designed for pluggable gcode transforms that can analyze and modify gcode live (eg. used to implement job recovery, autoleveling, etc.)
  • Completely API-driven for independence from any particular UI. A key-driven terminal interface is included (no mouse required).
  • Includes a command-line utility for shell scripting
  • Keeps an automatically rotating log of all recent communication with the device for debugging purpose
  • Both server and bundled console UI can run on a raspberry pi
  • Supports arbitrary file sizes, files are never loaded into memory all at once
  • Includes a framework for building automatic parameterized gcode generators, based on the macro system
  • Runtime feed override
  • Supports multiple simultaneous clients
  • Currently supports TinyG and GRBL (both 0.9 protocol and 1.1 protocol)
  • Deep integrations with controllers, taking advantage of each controller’s unique features for optimal performance and abilities
  • Fast gcode sender supporting short, fast moves while still ensuring immediate operations such as feed hold/cancel are immediately effective

The Automatic Job Recovery seems to be the neatest feature


There go my plans of sleeping tonight.


Looks awesome, I don’t need a fancy UI if it has all of the toys I would like.

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It was mentioned on Reddit:

and on that basis was added to the wiki.


We would like a full review in the morning please.


I give up…I got stuck trying to get the server to run.

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