Tiling rectangle in CC

I am trying to tile a 20x40 piece on my Shapeoko pro XXL with letters and a rectangle border. I can cut the letters using Boolean method but when I cut the rectangle, it leaves a line in the middle. How can I get rid off this line in tool path? Please see pictures where the problem is…



Any help is really appreciated.

Thank you

Quick Brown Fox.c2d (1.3 MB)

A boolean union will get rid of it…or are you looking to have the line there (for alignment), but not get cut?

I’m confused. are you looking to just cut half of the border at a time, without the line connecting the two sides?

Please see:

If you have difficulties with this, let us know and we’ll walk through it w/ you.

I am trying to cut the border (half border at a time) but looks like this will cut the line in the middle as well.
I don’t want the line to be cut in the middle.

Thanks Adams. I read through this but I am still not clear how to avoid cutting the line in the middle of the border. The rectangle is not alignment but it is part of the design itself.

I have 4 tool paths as you can see from below screenshot and will be done one after the other

Load the file:

Select the part and offset to the outside by the endmill diameter plus 10%:

Recreate the original geometry:

Duplicate it twice and drag the duplicates back into registration:

Select the offset geometry:

shift-click on one of the duplicates to add it as the key object:

Boolean Subtract:

Repeat for the other end, or duplicate and flip the duplicate:


Quick Brown Fox_tiled.c2d (1.2 MB)

Thank you very much for the trick. This is what I am looking for. Appreciate your help.

This also works, but I don’t know how to develop the curves this way in CC. (I imported them)

Quick Brown Fox2.c2d (62.9 KB)

In more recent versions it is possible to cut geometry using the Node Edit tool:

This has the disadvantages of requiring the user to track path direction, and resulting in a slotting contour cut.

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