Tiling Toolpath

Hi All,

I’m going to attempt my first tiling toolpath to make a tabletop for my Bora Centipede work table. It’s 24x48 inches and has dog holes bored out in it. I have a few questions: What type of bit do I want to use in the pocketing toolpath to bore out the 3/4 inch holes? Upcut? Is a drill toolpath more appropriate to make holes? If so, what type of bit for that?

The material will be 5/8" MDF I’m drilling two index holes in the piece also and some handles with tabs, fairly simple design.

I’m using VCarve Pro for the software. Any advice is appreciated.


Since you are using MDF, I don’t think the tool used to bore the locating holes matters much, I would use whichever (square) endmill you happen to use for the rest of the design, to minimize the number of tool changes, and use pocket toolpaths.


Chip clearing in MDF is usually a problem in my experience, so downcut endmills can be a problem if one can’t turn up dust collection high enough to clear the holes.

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I’m all for tiling, but if I needed to create a bunch of holes like that I’d use my Shapeoko to create a jig for drilling or routing by hand.


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