Time to Tool Change

Now that we have the Bit Setter integrated into our workflow :slightly_smiling_face: it would be great if Carbide Motion could indicate time to the next tool change with the time remaining in the job. It is great being able to use a variety of tools with ease but when trying to multi task I don’t like returning to the machine to find it idle waiting for the next tool.

During your multitasking please dont leave the shop. Fires have started when things go wrong. The Shapeoko is a great and reliable tool but things go wrong. In the last few days a post on a 22 mm bit against aluminum clamp.

I understand it is boring babysitting a machine but it is mandatory to be near in case of emergency.


I’m in the shop, glueing, sanding, etc. always listing and near an E-stop. A countdown to tool change would allow a quick understanding of how much “free time” I have. I ran a 9 hour part the other day it would have been helpful to know the first tool was 1.5 hours, the second 7 and the last one 30 minutes. I had a rough understanding from CC but the time estimates there were considerably longer that what CM stated and were fairly close to actual. Light finishing passes in wood (I haven’t ventured into metals yet) and resting at spindle change required prompt don’t sound that much different with dust extractor, router and hearing protection. I am well aware that I am the only safety on an open loop hobby machine.


I understand there are a few empty beer cans available. Place one at the edge of the tool change position and you have a free tool change indicator. I was thinking of putting a switch in the home position so that when the machine returns home it would turn on a light or something but the empty can keeps working and there are always a few in the shop.

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