Titanium - let's get wild

(Ummm, not sure, but I’ll try...) #15

Oh c’mon Vince, a bra for Captain America?


(Vince) #16


You gotta have some quevos to try this kinda stuff


(Vince) #17

It’s done and its fabulous, could improve in a couple spots

Followed a 0.0008 chipload for 0.0625 roughing, then 0.002 chipload for ball finishing


(Jonathan Anderson) #18

Crazy! This is exciting. People keep asking me if I cut steel on my CNC and if can cut titanium then I don’t know why I can’t try steel.

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(William Adams) #19

You can cut pretty much any material you can find a suitable endmill for, and which one can work up suitable feeds and speeds for — potential problems:

  • need for coolant
  • low tooling engagement resulting in premature endmill wear
  • difficult to balance feeds and speeds which can result in broken tooling, or rubbing

(Vince) #20

Dual insert 0.750 face mill, deck 10 thou 2 thou per

1/16 four flute amazon special 0.0008 maximal chip, 10krpm, 0.010 opt.

0.250 four flute ball mill, 0.002 chipload 20krpm!!! 80ipm. This was done with a little too much stock left but chewed through it no problem. You can see where I was varying chipload

Cutting oil bath, quick hand wipe with Mothers to bring out the shine


(Jonathan Anderson) #21

Why did you choose a 1"16" 4-flute endmill? Extra rigidity with the extra flutes while being able to maintain decent surface speeds?


(Paul Alfaro) #22

what face mill would that be? :slight_smile:


(Ummm, not sure, but I’ll try...) #23

Pretty sure it’s this one

Note 3/8” shank

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(Vince) #24

I had a set of 5 for $5 ones and it seemed like the most challenging thing to do. Speeds and feeds have to be on point


(Vince) #25

V bit engraving for science

0.001 chioload, 60 degree / 30ipm / 10k / 0.015 doc

Word on the street it means cant touch dis :rofl:


(Stuart) #26

Looks pretty crisp, is this with your 60deg kyocera bit?

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(Vince) #27

Yup, probably could use a little more rpm due to the tip size.

I put a little heat into it today, love how soft it feels on the machined side, nail doesn’t catch anything. Great pocket piece and thinking of making EDC items


(Jonathan Anderson) #28

Watch out Grimsmo, Vince is coming to town! :joy:

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(Vince) #29

Haha, naw. Actually him and I have talked about shapeoko setup, really nice guy.

At the end of the day the only person you should be competing against is the person you were yesterday.

That’s why we’re gonna try deep V carving with carbide create next. Love hearing the machine run while I work on other projects, it’s the best employee :smile:


(Vince) #30

Can carbide create V cut titanium - survey says yes! But default settings need to be changed.

Purdy good purdy good


(Dan Nelson) #31

Lookin’ good buddy!!!

My elbows still ache at the thought of drilling that stuff by hand, thank goodness we have inexpensive little robots to do that for us these days. How big is that piece and how long did it run?



(Jonathan Anderson) #32

Whoa! Beautiful! What endmill did you try this with?

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(Vince) #33

Part is 45x70x8mm and it ran for about 2.5 hours. Pretty conservative and I didn’t stand around to watch it.

Endmill used is the same 2 flute 60 degree kyocera, also still looks brand new.

Gonna setup the other side for another go at a double bowl. The local titanium supplier will like this lol, he didn’t think I was going to be able to machine it.

Another Win for the s3. What’s next? Tool steel? Maybe i’ll pick up some 304

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(Vince) #34

Leaving racecars to make giant gummi bears

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