To lubricate or not to lubricate - milling brass sheet

(Gunter ) #1

I’m using a 1.5mm dia, 2 flute flat end mill to cut shapes out of 1 - 2mm thick brass sheet. There appear to be vastly differing points of view on whether to use lubrication or not.

Could someone please clarify if it helps tool life to use lubrication?

Many thanks.

(mikep) #2

With brass I find lubrication completely unnecessary.

Isn’t going to hurt anything, or make anything worse, just isn’t necessary. If in doubt, a little lubrication would be the safe way to go, as I said, won’t hurt anything.

(Paul Alfaro) #3

you’ll be fine without.

I just pocketed some 1/2" brass material all but an 1/8" and had not issues.
chip evacuation is key.