Todays design complete

Got my Shapeoko 3 10 months ago. Brushed off my CADD skills. This machine is awesome, and only limited by my imagination at this point.


That looks awesome! Love the colors, well done!


Thank you Max, Happy Birthday :birthday::birthday::beers:

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Ahh! The old “Wheels of Time” there!
Great job! Very well done!
I have a Yo-Yo file that has “gears” on it and I need to really sit down and learn how to stack items like that. I’ve seen a VidClip on it and need to go back and look at that again.

I like the irregular outer profile. A nice deviation from so many man-made things that perfect squares, circles, rectangles, etc.

Were the dark highlights (or would that be lowlights?) done with some sort of flame brushing technique?

You have made a great looking clock. The detail and color are great. I have one suggestion and that is to make the hands white or light color to better contrast from the clock face. In a darker room you will not be able to tell time with the black hands. The primary purpose of a clock is to see what time it is.

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Hi, to get started i found an on-line gear generator, which allows for .svg & .dxf download for editing

the dark areas were done with a propane brass hand torch… kind of over did it some areas

thank you, you are exactly correct, i have already observed your point, and will be spraying hands as per your suggestion

Thanks! I’ve linked to the web site and set that in my system. I appreciate the info.

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It meets with my approval!
Well done! :sunglasses:

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That is absolutely awesome!!

You are awesome, thank you.

What CAD program? May I ask?

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Hi, i use ActCad, price is very reasonable, with a perpetual license. Is very similar to AutoCad, ie commands etc, (which i was trained on in another life) but i cannot afford for personal use.