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I am using Fusion 360 and the Carbide 3D tool library @wmoy posted at some point. Sorry I don’t know how to reference or link to that that post. Here is the link

My question is when I use the tools that are already in this library during tool changes CM says something like insert tool #102 - 1/8" Square. I have created some new tools and added them to this library. I have assigned the new tools new numbers under the post processor and copied the setup of the existing tools but for some reason when I use these new tools CM just says insert tool #1001 - . There is no description. I have tried for the life of me to get the description but no luck. It isn’t a big deal just annoying to have to go and check in Fusion which tool is supposed to be next. Anyone else experience this?

Any info you see from the Carbide Motion prompt, like “#102 - 1/8” Square" is data about our own tools we baked into Motion. When it sees “T102”, it knows it’s an 1/8" endmill.
No tool data is exported from Fusion other than the the tool number in Gcode. Therefore, custom tools cannot be identified or described in the tool change prompt in Motion.


(TOOL/MILL,3.17, 0.00, 0.00, 0.00)

Carbide create also puts a gcode comment just before the T command with the dimensions :wink:

which I’m sure helps it out a ton

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Understood. Thanks so much.

We don’t use that data. Sometimes a gcode visualizer (ex. Camotics) might. But if you take it out, the CM popup doesn’t change.


That seems like something it would be relatively easy to export to a JSON config file for Carbide Motion and let the user add library items (maybe along with the setup for probing to avoid having to load bits you’re not going to use just to probe)?

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