Tool change location

Could C3D be so kind as to share how the tool change X/Y location is calculated?

I’d like to modify the F360 post processor so when a job is done, it moves to this location. This is to help with the recent nerfs to the hobbyist license that does not let you have tool changes.

By moving to this location, when I load the next file and hit Start, the head will already be at the toolchange position, saving precious seconds :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t that put the spindle in the way of removing your work?

Work stays. I’m running multiple files on the same workpiece because F360 no longer allows a single post to contain tool changes.

Seems to be centerpoint along X, most-forward travel along Y, and at max Z height less the homing pulloff — that should at least work as a starting point.

I believe there are post processors out there that can add the M6 (BitSetter/tool change prompt) into your gcode @neilferreri? Or, you could combine files together and add the M6 command in there too.

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Regardless of where the job ends, doesn’t Carbide Motion move the spindle back to the home position?
You could remove the job complete command (M30 or M2, depending on post you use) so Motion wouldn’t do its thing. Not sure what it does after that?
I modified a Fusion post for @Griff, but I don’t use Motion and I don’t recall where that ended up (except that it ended up right where he wanted it to go). Maybe he can chime in.
Also, does the gcode combiner program @fenrus wrote work here… Maybe he can chime in too.

The default post does a g28. I’ve removed that. M30 moves the gantry to the back (y=0 ish) but no X movement it would appear. I’m not sure if this is a GRBL thing or a Carbide Motion thing?

I’ll just guess the front center position and run with that at the end of my post processor as it seems this opened a can of worms :slight_smile:

M30 moving straight back is done by Carbide Motion I believe — though I believe it’s supported since v0.8 (not sure what it does though) — noted as supported at:

If I remove M30 it might not be a great idea. I guess I could add a G0 afterwards to go back to front/center.

I’m glad I subscribed to Fusion when I did, and am locked in at $310.00 a year.

Again, I don’t use Motion and it does its own filtering of gcode, but the M30 is a “program end” command. Grbl should do a soft reset. Gcode shouldn’t stream after that.

gsender is on the todo list once you get bitsetter going :slight_smile:

Oh, the Bitsetter is going. Just waiting for a way to resume after the Toolchange… They’re on it.

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That’s awesome!!! I gotta get an LCD going in the shop, 7" pi display is too small.

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