Tool change mid gcode

Using advanced v carve with pocket enabled. Only one gcode and when initial pocket finished spindle rises to clearance as just keeps running.
How do i change to final v carve tool without losing position.
Have used return to zero but after tool change job starts from beginning, stops at where pocket finished and have to press run again for it to continue, then runs ok.
Is there a tip for change of tool after initial pocket cut.

do you have a bitsetter?
if not, you can use to split the file into separate components…

if you do have a bitsetter you might have the wrong “post processor” selected in carbide create…

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Not using Shakeopo but 3018 pro with z probe fitted.
Trying to learn basics as i go.
Post processor is grbl which is ok i think.
Using other parts of carbide create pro seem ok.

you can use the URL from above to split the gcode into “one gcode file per tool”
that way you can do the tool change, load new gcode, do the tool change etc

Thanks for all that.
Will get my old brain around it and have a go.
Many thanks,

What sender are you using?

If you use CNCjs, you can export with the Shapeoko post processor and use these macros.

Used url by Fenrus.
Files split ok and transfer to gcode.
1st tool worked fine.
2nd tool spindle will not start.
Any ideas?

Hi all,
Ithink i found problem.
With split code there was no code to start spindle after tool change.
Entered M03 and away it went.
Thanks all.

Select the wrong “post processor” with a BitSetter? Who’d do such a thing?

Oh wait, that was me :joy: :joy:

With a 3018 (and presumably most other routers) you can enable only the toolpaths with the desired bit, save that gcode, enable only the toolpaths with the second bit, save, rinse repeat. Do it pretty regularly. Grbl shouldn’t loose position between jobs unless you really reef on those bit changing wrenches. Rezero Z only and start the next job. Or figure out how to hack in a bitsetter :slight_smile:

if you can get me the original (pre-split) I will try to debug/fix the tool to get this right from the start

Hi Arjan,
This is original before using your solution.
As posted have fixed by adding code but i may not have done correctly in the first place.
Using grbl on 3018 pro.
I have made a z probe which works fine but if there is an easier way to reduce steps that would be great.
Diamond (94.8 KB)


Thanks. Looked at this.
Using advanced v carve with pocket enabled. Dont see tool change option.
URL by Fenrus splits ok.
As a newbie its all a bit confusing but have got my head around this option.

thanks for the file; the M3 issue should be fixed now.

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