Tool change probing

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On the Nomad there is a tool length probe…

If you are running a job and a tool change is required does the machine reset the Z height after the change?

If so could we have that as a feature on the Shapeoko?


The Nomad (using Carbide motion and other Carbide3d tools) does probe on tool change to compensate for tool length.

Be cool to have on the S3 - granted you might loose a bit of workspace…

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You can do tool changes (sort of) on S3. It does some crazy stuff though. It will prompt for the tool, but turn on the spindle instead of turning it off. If you’re controlling your spindle manually, that’s not a problem. If you’re using a IOT switch, it stinks.

I really hope the carbide probe can be used as a tool length probe for exactly this case.

What do you mean by IOT switch? Are you controlling your spindle with a relay or something?

Yes. Hooks up to the PWM output on the board, when you set the spindle speed to something “high-ish” (10k?) and use the spindle on/off commands it will turn on/off. Newest version of GRBL has some better support for this, but the 10k spindle speed works well.

This one:

Costs about $30 US, works pretty well. Would be nice if the tool change could be enabled to work like it does on the nomad.

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