Tool diameter incorrect in fusion nc file

Has anyone ever seen the wrong tool get included in a fusion nc file? When reviewing my manufacturing setups, I saw that I had the wrong tool (1/4 end mill) in the operation (I had already created an nc file. So I edited the operation to change to 1/8 end mill. Created a new nc file. Went to my shapeoko, loaded the file and all the holes were too small. I looked at the file and it still said 1/4 end mill in the file even though the operation shows it was a 1/8 end mill.

Anyone ever see this or know how to avoid (besides never making the mistake of having the wrong end mill selected)? :slight_smile:

When you generated the file a second time, did you give it a different name?

Honestly, since I’ve slept I re-read my post and cannot remember if I actually had an NC file created (with the wrong tool) or not.I don’t think that I actually had an NC file created. I was reviewing all the different operations from Fusion and happened to notice the wrong tool was in place for one of the operations.

So, I edited the operation, created an NC file and sent that to the CNC. After that, I ran the code on the CNC, the holes were too small and I looked at the code and saw the wrong tool was used in the code.

I’m pulling the image down for now.

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