Tool is "skipping" sometimes

I’m cutting some Corian, which I never really use. I heard it making this not pleasant noise and noticed that when the tool descends into the stock sometimes, it’s pausing a fraction of a second before spinning again (that’s the best way I can describe it). It looks like it’s stopping rotation and dragging a tiny tiny way and that’s making the sound and appears to skip. I’m letting the job continue because it seems to be non-fatal, but has anybody seen this behavior?

Here’s a video and you can see when the tool touches down where it jumps.

Slow down the plunge - you’re exceeding the capability of the spindle.


I used 12 in/min on plunge. The job finished, but I didn’t do the stopover right, either, so it has ridges along the top surface. I’ll do it over slower.

Start at maybe 5-6 in/min…

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Will do! Thanks! I’m going have to find a better group of settings to get this all down. The first miracle was work holding but the little vice came to the rescue (booooo double sided tape, boooooo).

Check your bit diameter with calipers/micrometer. It is not tight in the collet.


Picengraver, I was thinking it was slipping but went to Youtube and slowed the video to 25% and the spindle stops spinning so that’s not the issue.

Contact us at and we’ll do our best to work through this with you.

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