Tool Length Measurement - Shapeoko?

I know the Nomad comes with a probe for this, but is there a way to add this to a shapeoko?

It’s called a touch plate or tool setter — two designs for this on the wiki at:

Here is another one:
Maybe somebody can add that link to the wiki?

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Thank you kindly!

I already have a probe on the way, from china:

usually I’d make one but…

How best do you use this? Place it on the stock, enable the command and the machine will probe slowly. It stops then you position zero whatever the length of the probe?

Once you enable the probe command does a button appear in Carbide motion?


@reibuehl Added.

The first link has usage instructions and a bunch of other links.

Going to edit to make that obvious.

Thanks, I did read that.

Any idea if carbide motion will get a UI to run this operation?

Here is a in-depth review of the one I use and love. However, I don’t think it will work with Carbide Motion.

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Presumably Carbide Motion will get a feature to support it once Carbide 3D ships their touch plate — I don’t know though — I just kibbitz on the forums and occasionally try to help people.

So did this work on the shapeoko? Looks very interesting I must say!

Yes it works great. Just wont work with Carbide Motion at this point.

Does it not work if one manually enters the appropriate commands in the MDI?

That should work. I’ve done conductive probing on an S3 before… Use UGS and save the right gcode sequence as a macro. (I don’t remember it off the top of my head.)

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Vert interesting. I’m hoping to order one and take a look at UGS.

bCNC now has a tools pane which directly supports probing, and I suspect Chilipeppr does as well.

List of all of the comm / control programs (I hope!) and a brief discussion of most at: — probably needs to have some moved to obsolete, discussion of that welcome.

I’m just thinking about this and can’t work out why carbide motion could not run a program if it was loaded as a code all it would have to do is

Probe X/Y/Z


Return to probe point

Minus a the dimensions of the probe and the bit

Re-set zero.

Not sure this what commands shapeoko accepts is there a list? If so I’m sure I could knock something up

G92 x0
G92 y0
G92 z0
G38.2 x-0.5 f3
G92 x2.3125
G91 g0 x0.5
G91 g0 y1
G91 g0 x-1
g38.2 y-1 f3
G92 y2.3125
G91 g0 y0.125
G91 g0 z0.9
G91 g0 y-0.5
g38.1 z-1 f3
G92 z0.8
G91 g0 z0.125
G91 g0 y1 x1

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Carbide Motion does do that (and more!) — if one is connecting it to a Nomad — I’m really looking forward to seeing the interface which gets developed to support their touch plate / probe.

So if I load that Code into Carbide motion it will work?

Yes, if you send it through the MDI, it should function (I always used bCNC when I was using the touchplate I made).

interesting, whats the difference between G28.2 and G38.2?

G28.2 goes somewhere which is pre-defined AIUI, while G38.2 will move in the direction indicated until it connects and signal an error if it doesn’t.

Details on the wiki at: (as well as some links maybe which hopefully will explain better than I)

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