Tool Length Sensor is Offset


I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to mill a PCB for a couple days now–as my first ever CNC project. After a few hurdles (bad power supply, bad limit switch, etc), I was finally ready to go.

When my Nomad measured the tool length, I noticed it didn’t hit the tip of the tool–it was offset by a bit. At first, I thought that this was to prevent dulling or something of the sort. After trying to mill a PCB, I realized that it just had no idea how long the tool was.

Is there a way to recalibrate the tool length sensor location?

It is possible that either the touch point that trips the home button has moved (the stop is threaded into the right side vertical above the rails), or the switch itself has moved (the switch is on the carriage at the top, over the rails. I would check that the switch is oriented correctly (not loose or rotated) and the the touch nub is in the stop (a smaller diameter plastic nub on the end of the 6mm plastic threaded piece. Black threaded part with a dark green nub in my machine).

If all else looks good, maybe the touch point was moved or not quite on spot originally. I don’t know what the C3D team will say, but I have adjusted mine.

I replaced that X switch last week… are you saying I should screw the touchpoint into the wall a bit more to account for the offset from the tool sensor?

If you replaced the X switch, you will probably need to do a calibration for location. As nice as it would be if the switches were identical in trip point and could be mounted dead on every time, there is a spread in even the most expensive/highest precision components.

I think that the touchpoint is the primary adjustment, but I would check the mounting of the switch first (is there play? is it properly located? Amazing how often a second or third look finds things).

I would suspect that the C3D team will give you a definitive answer, but if you don’t hear from them in a day or so, you might try emailing support for confirmation. They undoubtedly have a procedure they use during machine setup.

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Please contact us at and let us know what happened and what you did and your current situation and we’ll work this out with you.

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