Tool Library Flute Length

So I got a 60 degree vee I’ve been using and I’ve never really got an accurate cut with it. Good cuts, but always add this extra stuff to it. I posted a while back and some fellas told me I may have some settings wrong. I checked the tool library and I’ve correctly entered what the software will allow me to, but the thing is, as the attached image shows, there are attributes like FLUTE LENGTH that are being determined, and we have no control over that when entering a tool. What it seems to have done, is taken the same dimensions entered in the Diameter and that would explain alot as to why my stuff may be off, because though my diameter “is” indeed a Half Inch, what would be the Flute Length, is 7/16ths. But again, there seems to be no way I can alter that, is there??? Also, do you think that would probably give me the more accurate cuts with that bit?

You can enter flute length by directly editing the underlying CSV file.

cool I didn’t even know you could do that. I found it in the Users/AppData/Local just in case someone else is looking for it

So hey Will, when adding a V Bit or editing the ones there. Since I’ve read that you can’t control the depth of the v-bit in CC, I just leave the depth field alone. Does it actually control anything for the v-bits? if so, I may want to look at that too because even though I’ve adjusted the csv file to show the 0.4375 for the flute length, when I show simulation, of a simple rectangle, I’m still getting those dip outs in the corners. I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on. Only reason I invested in my v-bits was because I seen all these nice carves other people make, but…it’s just not happening for me with “any” of my vee bits

Yes, in newer versions you can depth limit V carvings, but using that feature on an ordinary V carve results in the distortions you describe.

Filing a bug report on this now.

Wait…are you saying I’m using an older version?

There 474, and the new beta 513:

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