Tool numbering in CC

Are there limitations on tool numbers in CC and its communication with CM? For example: total number of tools or highest tool number? Any numbers off limits besides the built-ins? Does CM even care about tool number and tool parameters or is that all embedded in the toolpaths within the gcode?

Can letters be appended to tool number? I was thinking of creating an alternate version of the same tool that would specify a slightly larger diameter to use for rough passes.

Finally, is there any way to delete some of the built-in tools?

You can’t delete the built in ones, you can add others. The tool numbers must be numbers, i >think< 4 digits or less. Any number is fair, but I generally would recommend staying away from the built-in’s. The number is supposed to be passed into the gcode as is, -BUT- because grbl doesn’t actually support tools, the whole thing needs to be emulated in the sender (CM, or otherwise) which means if Carbide decides to do something nonstandard, you can get caught (they capture tool change commands, for example, pause the machine, move it around, etc). If you send a tool change through something like UGS, it’ll go all the way to grbl, which will throw up on it. If you’re using CC and CM you can pretty much ignore this, but it can be an issue if you start branching out into other tools.