Tool path colors/dash lines

new to my Shapeoko Pro & software. Sometimes I get a red dash lines on my tool path and says there is no tool path, something simple probably but I am having no luck searching so I thought I would ask the group. Thanks

For pocketing operations it is necessary that the narrowest portion of a geometry be at least 10% wider than the tool which you wish to fit in.

If you made a tool path and it was ok but went in and deleted some part of the tool path then the whole tool path is invalid and has to be remade. An example is you create two squares. You pick both squares and make a contour tool path and save the c2d file. Then you choose one of the squares and delete it. That will cause the tool path to become empty. If that is the case then just delete the tool path and make a new one with the single square.

Another scenario is you create a single square and create a tool path. Then you duplicate the square. When you duplicate the square with an existing tool path you just added the new object to the tool path. Again if you decide to delete the duplicate square you just invalidated your tool path causing you to delete it and remake it.

As @WillAdams stated if your toolpath is too small for the tool you picked then it is also empty.

Thanks, I think you may have nailed, will try it out

Thanks for your answer, learn everyday

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