Tool Path - Time under 2 Minutes

[c:\users\user\desktop test2](http://c:\users\user\desktop test2)

I started using Pro Build 464. When creating the tool path it shows that time to generate is under 2 minutes. When I run the simulation it looks incorrect. Any ideas what to do to trouble shoot.

Hey @John3, it looks like your file attachment failed, can you try and re-upload it ?

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I tried uploading and receive this message

Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is too big (maximum size is 4096KB).

Compress it into a zip file and retry ?

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Same message too Large

What size is your c2d file ? You must be using a very high-resolution image for you heightmap I guess ?

I changed the model resolution to standard. The file was originally 7420 mbytes. After the zip 5181 mbytes. The message too large sill coming up. when I tried to upload it

How large is the G-code file that you generated that showed up as “2min” for cut time ?

Difficult to tell what’s going on without having a look at the file though, to you have an alternate way to provide the file (put it on a Google drive or other file sharing site?)

How long does the toolpath calculation itself take ?
I wonder if CC chokes on the size of the input data.

Gcode (3.8 KB) It runs real quick now that I made the resolution standard. I attached the Gcode file. Maybe you can run it to see what I’m talking about. In the mean time I will look into another way of getting this file to you.

Yep so something wrong happened during toolpath generation, that G-code file does this:

There may be something wrong in the settings (depths/offset). Does the preview give a proper result ?

Mine looks pretty much the same. Zoom in on it. Weird huh. I can email you the file. Give me a address. Thanks

did you follow a setup similar to this


I sent the file you requested to
support <
Let me know if you need anything else. John

If you look at this in a new version you see that the stock isn’t thick enough:

Unfortunately, increasing the thickness too much crashes Carbide Create.

Please update to the current beta, then try re-creating the file with a stock thickness which matches the depth/height of the modeling which you do — let us know how that works out.

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I am on 464 is there a newer version. If so provide me with link. Thanks John


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