Toolpath and line offset occurs outside instead of inside

Greetings All - based on my keyword searches this seems to be a new topic.

I created a trapazoidal shape with edge fillets in Creo, to get into carbide create I needed first needed to open the dxf in inkscape, save as an SVG and then open the SVG in carbide create.

Now that I’ve done that carbide create is choking on the interpretation of the shape.
I select a complete loop and go to create an inside left path and the tool path jumps back and forth between inside and outside cutting.

My work around was to create both inside and outside line offsets, delete the ones that were truly outside and create a no offset tool path on the actual inside offset.
However when I look at the resulting tool path it doesn’t run continuously but rather jumps around.
My main concern is small discontinuities that will result as the tool plunges and retracts mid path.

Adding an image of the segmented tool path.
Segmented tool path

Please post the SVG or C2D file. I’m expecting you have an open vector. If you do the “definition” of inside vs outside is lost.

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As @LWSIV noted, the problem here is an open vector (indicated by being magenta)

It should be possible to select it and use the “Join Vectors” command to close it.

I’m not seeing the join vector command in the menu options - is that a pro feature?

A_frame2.c2d (333.2 KB)

The process of generating these tool paths has been a lot more challenging than I expected - so probably a sign I need to move to a more powerful CAM software sooner rather than later.

Is it right to expect to see the join command when I select the chain of vectors?

It’s a standard, not Pro feature (only 3D modeling and toolpaths are the province of the Pro license).

Yes, if the vectors are open and eligible for closing — post the file here or sent it in to

c2d file is in the message above my last image response

Okay, Carbide Create isn’t able to join those vectors to close them — not sure why, will file a bug report.

I was able to export, close in a 3rd party program, then re-import:


A_frame2 closed.c2d (344.5 KB)

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Awesome, Thanks Will.

It seemed like something strange was up when I first started selecting the vectors in the loop and I saw the join command pop up and then disappear once the whole loop was selected.
At one point in the sequence the join command was there and when executed it deleted the lower horizontal and right hand line vectors. I re-drew those lines, having them connect to the arc end nodes and then got to the above point of a full loop, that still wasn’t closed and with no option to close.

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