Toolpath Contour Pocket Crashing

Looking for help. I was trying to create the toolpath to cut around letters and have them raised and the background cut down 1mm. I was able to create it but as soon as I clicked ok it showed it was trying to calculate and then crashed. Everytime I open the file it crashes. I have started from scratch and same thing. All other toolpaths are fine. Thanks

Is this in Carbide Create? What version?
Can you share the file?

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Yes it is. I am using version 414. If I make any changes to the default settings it crashes immediately after I click ok. Don’t worry this is only for me not for others. Harley Davidson.c2d (617.4 KB)

Opened it and experimented with it a bit in CC431 and no crashing:

I’d recommend insetting everything twice and cutting as a V carving, see and V carve + inside pocket?


I will look into this. Thanks. I haven’t ventured into any other tool path than contour with inside and outside!

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