Toolpath Editing

The toolpath editing in Carbide Create can be a frustrating experience. Wanting to repeat a toolpath and just rename it and change the depth parameters is not possible. This is a feature that many people could usefully utilise. Being able to move the tool path position would also be very useful, if one decides to change the order in which things are cut.

When using the same toolbit and applying a different toolpath, the tool has to be edited again to use the same parameters which were decided upon for the material in use and the general cutting conditions. There should be an option when cutting several features with the same tool, to keep the cutting parameters previously entered, for the first cut, persistent by choice.

You can drag and drop the toolpaths to change order right now.

I think we’ll probably add a duplicate toolpath option before too long.

We probably won’t have any way to persist speed/feed data beyond saving it as a new tool or changing the old one.


Good to know. Thank you.