Toolpath lines in bottom of pocket

Still pretty new and learning. When I do a pocket toolpath in wood, using either a 1/8” or 1/4” up spiral end mill, you can see the tool paths in the wood instead of getting a smooth finish. I don’t change any of the default settings but am guessing it has to do with step over? How can I get a smooth pocket?

Thanks! Randy


Throw in a picture and your G-code or settings and material information. The more information, the higher the chance is for a competent answer :slight_smile:

This can be stepover as you mention, and it can also be related to the tramming of your spindle. (if the spindle is perpendicular to X & Y) if its not, it will be cutting on a “edge” of the bit and this will leave a noticeable mark on your surface.

Are the finish you describe a result of a light finishing pass? Or are the marks left in the pocket after a pocketing operation? If this is after a pocketing operation it can also be a result of deflection.

Do a finishing pass in the pocket with <90% stepover and a low depth of cut, ensure that the DOC is enough to remove the “old fun”. If there are still marks, this will indicate that your router/spindle needs to be aligned on X & Y axis.

There are several posts on this forum and on google/youtube on the tramming subject.

Edit: In the ebook there is also an enourmous amount of usefull information

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