Toolpath loses design object

I don’t know how it happens, but on occasion I see a toolpath in my list which is an Empty Toolpath. And I also see an object on my drawing that doesn’t have the blue-lines showing the tool path. Is there a way to connect the tool path back to the object?

While we’re at it, when i click on an object or a toolpath, it does not select / highlight the toolpath in the list so I can then modify some settings on it. I find the only way to edit a tool path is to hover over the bunch until the correct item is highlighted in the drawing. This is counter-intuitive, and slow. I think an older version of CC used to allow me to double-click the object to open the corresponding tool path.

Thanks, Eric.
[CC v464]

Edit the toolpath, then select the geometry which you wish associated with the toolpath and click OK

Super. Thank you! Not intuitive, but it works.