Toolpaths account for the outside wall

I’ve been having an issue when I have features next to the edge of the stock.
I think I’m setting up my project incorrectly.

I’m working at making a brand for the heat press I’m fixing up. But I feel like I’m missing something.
If I have a 2"x1"x1" stock, I will copy in my svg or create the content and draw a bounding box to match the stock (I want to create raised letters).

How I imagine it cutting would be (crudely drawn to show what I’d like it to do with a 1/4" bit.

then go back later and clean up the details with the v bit.

but instead it skips past that area and nibbles away with the v bit.

it ends up creating a bunch of extra toolpaths because it thinks it can’t fit the larger bit into the gaps.

What is the best approach for this kind of geometry?

Extend the geometry to the outside to allow the endmill to fit?

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ok that will fix the details from edge issues, so is there no way to ignore the edge v bit travel?

ok thanks Will, that was easy.

I’ll just have some air passes but overall those add less time than trying to nibble away at the little spots.

No, Carbide Create doesn’t have an option for omitting the outside pass — the only way to do it would be to offset the geometry for the Advanced V carving, then create a second toolpath for the pocketing operation.

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