Toolpaths for Text on a curved Surface (F360)

I ran into this issue over Christmas in F360 when trying to cut letters into a tapered cylindrical surface.

I followed tutorial on how to get font to press into a curved surface evenly (so all the letters in “Kitty” are the pressed into the cylinder at the same depth) then I selected the bottom contours of each letter in “Kitty” and tried to do an 3D pocket clearing operation. However; the toolpaths do not calculate at the correct height or depth… (setup model is NOT included)

I determined that the problem had something to do with the geometry of my toolpaths and the top height and bottom height being set to model top and bottom with offsets rather than “selected contours” which IS NOT an option on 3D clearing operations.

Ultimately, I was epoxy filling the lettering with an opaque color so it didn’t matter if the depths were the same; however I’d like to know what I should/could have done differently if there’s another occasion where I’m doing something similar.

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Can you share the Fusion file?

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Drop your bottom height to below the bottom of the pockets…using 3D adaptive will follow your model. Unfortunately, you’ll have to start from the same plane with your imported model(I think).


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