Topographic Carving with MeshCAM finishing pass problem

Hi, I’m new to CNC so this is my 2nd or 3rd project I’m working on. I’m following this guide from Winston on creating topographic carvings with MeshCAM Everything looks pretty straight forward but I’m having a problem where the end mill running in to previously cut areas during the finishing passes. As you can see here from this pic it dragged the cutter straight across. I’m not sure what is causing this and not sure what I should be looking for when MeshCam generates the tool paths. Any tips would be great thanks!

Hrmmm - as you can tell by the deafening silence thats a fairly unusual situation. So these grooves only occur during your finishing pass? The roughing pass goes as would be expected? Can you share a screenshot of your MeshCam settings for this job?

Also guessing these grooves dont show up in the MeshCam preview?

Hi Phil, I don’t have the exact settings I had from that job but I followed the same steps to create these screenshots. MeshCam_Settings.pdf (718.4 KB)

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Just a quick update, I’m not sure what caused the issue but I was successful on my last 3 projects.

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I think if you do the roughing pass and the finishing pass as seperate tool path calculations this might happen, I always generate all my tool paths as one job and then after it’s generated the tool paths I save each step by unchecking the paths I don’t want in that file. This also allows me to group paths that use the same bit together. I then name them as Example R 4EM for roughing with a 4mm end mill and Example FXWL 2Ball for finishing in the X direction and a waterline path with a 2mm ball.
Although, re-looking at your photo, it’s not doing it everywhere so I’m just talking crap.

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