Torsion box sound dampening?

I’m thinking of building a torsion box (for flatness) for a new workbench (top) and am wondering about good ways to dampen sound from this drum-like construction. I’m not terribly concerned about weight and have thought of sand. Also thought of foam insulation panels cut to fit, and fiberglass insulation as well. Any other thoughts or insights? Thanks in advance.

Spray foam the cavities before the final skin goes on, then scrape-off anything that exceeds that grows over the top, then apply the final skin?

I’ve never tried it, don’t know how well it would work. I’d tape the edges of the ribs so the foam doesn’t stick to them and make applying the final skin difficult.

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Spray foam (Great Stuff) would work, as would fiberglass batts. Might not even be an issue, depending on the volume of the cavity. The resonant frequency of the mass of the air in each chamber will tell you if you’ll get a drum-line tone out of it or not

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