Touch Plate Waiting

I’m hoping you are right but…

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I’m afraid it turns out I was wrong — current projection is the end of this week.

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Nice save Will!


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Alright guys, here’s the official line, we’re looking at the end of week for back in stock, but don’t be alarmed if we end up pushing that by a few days. Like @WillAdams said, we want to make sure there are enough probes for everyone who’s signed up to the mailing list plus enough to keep them in stock. We’re a little behind from where we wanted to be at this point, but not by much. Keep an eye on your email if you’ve signed up to be notified, and if you haven’t signed up I recommend you do that.
I’ll use this thread to keep you guys updated.


Alléluia ! The touch probe! Mmmm promise promise…

You might try Boat Outfitters free shipping on orders above $150. Black +other colors of Starboard sheeting 1/4" to 1", standard sizes to custom cut. 1" $30.00 sq ft or 36 x 36 for 189.00 delivered in the Midwest. Their link =


It’s like waiting for Christmas. Knowing it is close makes the wait that much worse. Take my money already Carbide 3D!

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I find it kinda amusing…
You all have an CNC i your proximity, but you all wait for a part that is cut on an CNC.
Why dont you build one while you are waiting? That way you still support C3D, learn something and dont have to wait.
Did not mean to offend anyone, but I do not see any downsides with any of my suggestions :grin:

No Offense, you have a good point. Personally, as a noob to CNC in general, I have chosen to use the “company store” to access most things I use. As I grow in the hobby, perhaps I’ll be smart enough to know what I can do, vs. what they provide. I started this thread not so much from a “OMG, I can’t survive”, not trying to channel my millennial grandchildren, but more as a "hey, I really would like to acquire one of these can you give me a heads up?

And BTW, “still waiting”:sleeping:

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“You might learn something” :wink:

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Hey everyone, touch probes are going to be back in stock later today (afternoon PST), keep an eye on your emails if you’ve signed up to be notified. If you miss out no worries, we already have the next batch in production.


Is there a way to have a reservation system where the touch probes would be held for a customer for some predetermined time, like a few days maybe? Sometimes I am away from my business email or business credit card for a few days and don’t know what deals are available. That and spam filtering have become an issue lately.
I am looking forward to using the new touch probe, and having a good reason to upgrade GRBL and CM. I have a tricky project coming up that will benefit greatly by utilizing a touch probe.

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FYI - They are available for order now. Just got mine


Ordered, Hoorah…

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It appears they are still available. This will make so many people very happy


Why is it that every time I visit the Shop site that the Shapeoko Touch Probe always reads
“$120.00 SOLD OUT”?

Any ideas? I have never received any emails informing me they were in stock.

Looks like I’m building my SO3 backwards! First purchase: Dewalt 611. Second purchase: Basic Router CNC Bits 60 deg & 90 deg V Bits, .25 Upcut & Down Cut Endmills. A few others too (8 in total that day). Purchased my copy of Vectric’s VCarve Desktop (Since I’ll be starting with the basic Shapeoko 3, then building up to either XL or XXL down the road). Looks like the Touch Probe will be my next phase in the purchase thingie, then the Mill itself (TBD).

Oh, and my CDN source seems to keep pushing back their arrival date to both the Touch Probe & the SO3 (now expected to arrive 4th of May).

Some day I’ll be able to carve out the numerous projects I have either created or to punch out project files from others on Vectric’s website. What a wonderful company to be a owner of their product! (Now to be just as pleased once I am able to score the probe & mill from Carbide 3D (direct or through a 3rd party supplier) too).

Sorry, just had to rant away…


Touch plate are now aviable.

I’m afraid they’re back to out of stock / email me when available.

@VE5MDH — I’ve asked someone to check our stock on your behalf.

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I feel your Roboshop and import pain. I get far better service ordering direct in the US and shipping than relying on Canada distributors for specialized items. Ultimately for this (and other imports I make from the US) I try to lump as much as possible into a single order to maximize my return on a single brokerage fee. Avoid UPS like the plague if you can - brokerage fees are ridiculous. I have been using Fedex ground recently to good effect and their brokerage seems to be top notch. Generally speaking if my order is large enough I save the Canada distributers margin enough where I break even with brokerage. If you are lucky enough to live by the US border (eg in my case Vancouver) a mailbox service in across the border is the ticket as you can have it delivered there, take it across the border, and clear it yourself through customs at the crossing instead of brokerage. Best of luck!