Touch Probe and Carbide Create

In February I posted this progress video
Hadn’t done much since then and flicked my Nomad on for a muck around on Saturday night but was a bit disappointed to find it was not working. I did some bug checking and found that it was my dodgy wire splicing that was causing the problem this time.
Anyway I fixed it and realised later I should have used one of these

Anyway, the upshot is I fixed it, I tried out the touch probe (awesome) on a real set up and also Carbide Create for the first time. All worked flawlessly and it was a symphony of high-speed CNC :slight_smile:

Really need a new project now.


DUDE! These are freaking awesome!!!

glad you like them! Your the first person who saw this that that had the same response as me. I hate splicing wires, I’ve watched all the videos and I know how to solder well but I just hate it. This takes the pain away.

I have a small box full of the red and white ones…they’re great. Recently helped my neighbor with some wiring for his airstream camper. His plan was to use alligator clips :astonished:. I was about to crawl under the thing with a soldering iron, but I remembered I had these.

I just ordered some here will report back if they are any good.

They look great but quote expensive for the amount of soldering I do

yeah I would only use them on critical stuff

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