Touch Probe Fails After Homing

My limit switches and touch probe arrived Friday and I finally had a chance to install them today. The limit switch homing works perfectly and as it should. The touch probe not so much.

I’ve connected per instructions and when I turn on the system it works as expected. The led turns red when the alligator clip contacts the touch plate. But… after performing the homing sequence the led will not turn red no matter where I touch it. Any ideas what could be the cause?

I have a SO3 and the version 2.1 control board if that helps.

You know that you are to touch in the little circle only during the homing cycle?

To clarify… You can home the machine successfully? Can you jog the machine after homing?
Do you know how to check the log? After homing, send ? through the MDI and paste the response.

Of course, the homing cycle is completely different than the probe-zero cycle.

The “circle” is only spotting the zero corner of your work piece. It has no other function to the operation of the probe-zero cycle. It is just enscribed on the top surface.

If you are zeroing just the Z axis, then you’ll want to touch the block at least somewhere near that “circle” so the block won’t rock on the piece.


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