Touch probe fault

Good morning all, a bit disappointed so far with my new touch probe. i installed it last night along with the bit setter and bit runner. All has been working fine today i have run at least three large sheet multi tool cuts without fault. the latest run I continued assuming nothing would be wrong only for it to immediately snap a brand new and unused 1/16 amana bit!!

I have since probed three times exactly the same as i have been yesterday and today, the first it set the z height to almost wasteboard level, the two probes straight after have left the z height 3 mm below the surface.

I was doubting the need for the purchase of the probe in the first place, unless I have done something wrong I am regretting the purchase all together now.

Any help or suggestions welcome

Hi @T.Binns,

Sorry to hear you are having issues with this. The first event makes me think of a bad quality of contact when installing the clip ? I had such an even myself recently, when I did not realize that my endmill was dusty, just enough to keep the current from flowing through the probe circuit. I now make sure to wipe the collet and endmill clean before install the clip (well a magnet on my case, but same idea)

You should also check the probe itself by touching the clip to the probe body and check for a red LED

The other two events (cuts too deep) are different I think (I assume the probing itself went normally)

  • the one where Z0 ended up at wasteboard level, what was your stock thickness?
  • the one where Z0 ended up 3mm below the surface, any chance you might have probed for Z only, but had the probe’s lip overhanging the stock corner ?

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly Julien. you have answered all of my questions with that reply. It seems that it was down to my error and I wasn’t using it correctly. I was unaware that when probing for just z that the probe should be completely on top.

When the mill broke it was in a cut after all of the probing was complete, I can only imagine that I had probed for just z again then too. :expressionless:


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